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Letters to the Editor

City Watch Article

After reading Jack Humphreville’s article in the LA Watchdog for City Watch (November 26, 2013 – “Election: Union Bo$$ Trying to Buy Favors Again—Puts IBEW Money on 26-Yr Old Ridley-Thomas”), it was abundantly clear to me why former Culver City Mayor Christopher Armenta is the only candidate suitable to be elected as the 54th District State Assembly representative. The entire article can be found at: http://citywatchla. com/lead-stories-hidden/6069- election-union-bo-trying-to-buyfavors- again-puts-ibew-moneyon- 26-yr-old-ridley-thomas.

Armenta has over 25 years of accounting experience as well as state and local government experience. He began his career the year his opponent Sebastian Ridley-Thomas was born. Unlike Armenta, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas has no experience that would render him able to properly serve the 466,000 residents of the 54th District.

Humphreville correctly wrote in his article that Sebastian Ridley-Thomas is the son of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, and that based on his father’s power and influence, young Sebastian is the recipient of $1 million in cash in campaign donations from special interest groups interested in favors from Mark Ridley-Thomas. Humphreville points out that these special interest groups include, but are not limited to, pro-fracking oil companies, billboard companies often embroiled in lawsuits, influential real estate developers, tobacco companies and certain unions that do not have our interests at heart.

He also points to donations from the slush funds of Senator Curren Price and Darrell Steinberg, the leader of the Senate, and includes the Ridley- Thomas special relationship with Brian d’Arcy, the business manager of IBEW Local 18. That is the union representing over 90% of the Department of Water and Power employees. Ultimately, Humphreville argues, the Ridley-Thomasd’Arcy relationship adversely affects the amount ratepayers pay for water and power.

What residents may not know is that Mark Ridley- Thomas’s L.A. County District includes most of the 54th State Assembly District. Who would be ruling the 54th District then? Would it be the father or the son? With so much money paid to Sebastian Ridley- Thomas from special interest groups, would either father or son even care about the voice of the people?

Christopher Armenta has refused to take money from any special interest group, lobbyist, politician or union. When he is elected, there will be no group asking him for favors. He will be answerable only to the people he represents and his honesty, integrity and experience are what the nearly half a million citizens of the 54th District need in Sacramento.

That is why I voted for Christopher Armenta on Tuesday, Dec. 3

Sylvia Anderson


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