Letter to the Editor


Subject: Grace Lutheran Parking Issue 

OK, Last week’s Letter to the Editor had a letter from Mr. Gotz and also from Mr. Schoenbaum. One used the word “rhetoric” the other “inflammatory rhetoric” to talk about those who take a stand against the attempt to overturn a RESIDENTIAL parking permit program. Mr. Gotz wants a “compromise” from the residents. He wants them to give up something they have had for 3 decades but actually offers nothing. What does he say he offers? “You keep your permits, allowing you to park on the block anytime, and you have some permits available for visitors to your homes so they can park for longer periods of time.” They currently have that! So he actually offers nothing but ask the residents to give up their legal rights.

Evidentially Mr. Gotz either chose to ignore or did not comprehend that the current parking permit program, is not really easy to enforce. After reading all my examples about Parking Cheaters, Mr. Gotz stated, “The City STRICTLY ENFORCES the 2-hour limit for non-permit holders, and prohibits people from moving cars from one place to another on the block in order to accrue more parking time. This can be done by tire marking or other means.” That is the theory but NOT the reality! From a typical petition signed by residents, “Enforcement of violations will occur primarily when we call to report a vehicle in violation; that is, the Police Department’s parking enforcement officers do not have a route to follow—they will come to our street to enforce the posted parking limitations when they have been called out to do so.”

The FACTS on the record are that 200 tickets were written in a 6-month period, on one block of Farragut, to people who CHOSE to ignore the signs. They ignored the possibility of an INSTANT ticket, if Parking Enforcement showed up when they are called. Remember, “parking enforcement officers do not have a route to follow”. There is your instant and FREE parking study! So 200 people chanced an INSTANT ticket and lost. So 200 people actually got caught cheating. How many people gambled and won? How many people parked illegally but didn’t get a ticket?

Mr. Gotz, do you think your proposed 2-hour parking will have people NOT ignore the signs and park as long as they want? Do you think CCPD will enforce an area that requires them to come to an area twice in 2 hours, after first being called? Mr. Gotz, you know the answer to that question!

Mr. Schoenbaum said, “Why can’t the people residing on Farragut be good neighbors?”

Mr. Gotz’s said, “We do not need people in our town who impede the good works of others, who adhere only to principles of litigation and contention, who think they understand the laws because they can read word for word ordinances but really have no knowledge of the spirit of the laws and what they are used for”. I guess they want current parking cheaters to be rewarded by making it easier for them to cheat.

Cary Anderson


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