Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

Congress and the administration need to take immediate action to help American families who are hurting from lack of jobs, un-payable medical bills, poor nutrition and other problems linked to our ongoing economic crisis.

As a nurse, I am deeply worried about my patients who cannot afford needed medical care or prescription medications because of the high co-pays, deductibles and other deterioration in health and living standards I see from patients who are in economic trouble.

Instead of a Wall Street super committee that will propose more cuts in programs that help people and more handouts to Wall Street bankers, we need Main Street commissions that will focus on different priorities, jobs at living wages, healthcare for all, quality education for our children and freedom from hunger and homelessness.

Nurses are calling on Congress and the White House to tax the big banks and other Wall Street speculators who gambled with our mortgages and pensions, and use the revenue for national recovery and rebuilding our communities.

Rita Rogers,

Culver City