Lei’d Cookies are taste sensations

(Photo by Brett Callwood)

They say that, when selling a house, you should bake before people look around as the smell is comforting and makes people feel at home. That totally make sense, because the smell when entering Lei’d Cookies’ newly opened store on Washington Boulevard is intoxicating. Frankly, this writer could have moved in!

The masterminds behind this place ar Leilani Terris and James Lewis, and they really are artists. If you’re wondering, “how good can a cookie really be?” then put down the Orio. 

“We’re all about shaking things up in the sweetest way possible,” they say on their website. “We transform classic global treats and nostalgic favorites into irresistible cookie creations. Crafting each batch is an art that takes three days of dedication. Small-batch production ensures that every cookie is made with the utmost care and love. So, prepare yourself for a taste journey like no other.”

The box of assorted cookies that Lei’d presented us with was ridiculously good, each cookie a surprising yet utterly warm taste sensation. The Brown Butter Chocolate Chip, for example, might look and sound as if it’s going to be a regular chocolate chip cookie, the sort of thing we’ve all had many times. Not the case. The brown sugar creates a glorious, caramelized, toasted flavor that, paired with the gooey, sweet chocolate, is incredible.

Better yet is the Mango Sticky Rice, which is so plump that it almost qualifies as a cake or a scone. The shredded mango within the cookie results in an unusual but absolutely exquisite bite, but it’s the heap of sticky rice, similar to a thick rice pudding, on top that takes this thing over the edge.

Vegans rejoice – they have an option here and it’s a delicious Snickerdoodle. The sweet cinnamon cookie means that nobody has to miss out. That cookie is also gluten free, as is their Flourless Brownie Cookie – a rich, dense and magical chocolate experience.

Save room for the Mayan, which Terris described to us as their take on a Mexican hot chocolate – mildly spiced and with a cinnamon finish. If the idea of spicy chocolate is unusual to you, give this cookie a chance and you’re unlikely to be disappointed. The sweet cookie gives you the slightest tingle on your tongue, and the flavors just blend beautifully.

Culver City is lucky to have Lei’d Cookies. Just don’t go with an empty stomach – these things are tough to resist.

Lei’d Cookies is located at 8588 Washington Blvd., Culver City 90232. Call 818-679-9881 or visit leidcookies.com.