LA Vote Centers needed in response to COVID-19 pandemic


Use your space to make voting easier for your community! The LA County Registrar of Voters is calling on nonprofits to turn some or all of their space into Vote Centers for this election.

There are lots of ways that nonprofits step up to advocate for and support our communities, and helping everyone participate in our democracy is in our DNA.

What is a Vote Center?

A physical location where people can go to vote in person, or drop off their mail-in ballot. Some are open for 10 days before the election, but most are open for 5 days. Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters, but the registrar still expects many voters to want to vote in person, or register and vote on the day of the election.

Why should our organization use our space as a Vote Center? 

Making sure our communities can vote is crucial to getting better local, state, and federal policies. Many Californians already face barriers to participating in our democracy. People are more likely to vote if they can do so in a place familiar to them and they trust will be safe. Voters in your community know your organization. They are comfortable in your space. Making your location a Vote Center will make voting easier for them.


What about the Vote Centers we used in the last election?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the county registrar needs new Vote Center sites that have big spaces available to ensure social distancing and help keep voters and election workers safe and healthy. 

The LA Registrar of Voters is asking nonprofits to help fill in the (pretty big) gap in Vote Center sites. If your site doesn’t qualify, forward this email to colleagues in other organizations!


We want to help! What do we need to know?

Because of the distancing requirements, you must have at least 2,200 square feet of space available. Some smaller spaces may be considered as well.

There are some accessibility and parking requirements to make sure a diverse group of voters can use your site.

The county registrar will prepare your space before the election and make sure it’s clean and safe for you to use after the election.

Poll workers are recruited and assigned by the county registrar, but if your staff or volunteers want to sign up, that would be great! (We need lots of them to staff all these great Vote Centers.)


The registrar is trying to finalize Vote Center sites as soon as possible. If you think you have an available space that might work, please call or email the registrar today. Being a Vote Center is a great way to help ensure fair elections in LA County!

Find out more and get started by contacting the LA County Registrar: or calling 562-347-2444. 

CalNonprofits Vote with Your Mission project aims to get every eligible nonprofit employee and volunteer registered and voting. Get resources, tips, and great stickers for helping get out the vote at

LA Vote Centers needed in response to COVID-19 pandemic