KP Live on YouTube features twice-weekly interviews with local theatre talent

A screenshot from KP Live (Shari Barrett)

Ever wonder how local theatre creatives got started on the road to success both onstage and behind the scenes?  Find out by joining Samantha Barrios and Sam Gianfala (the two “Sams”) for KP Live on the Kentwood Players You Tube channel on Sunday and Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. as they hold live-streamed interviews with local artists from the Kentwood Players community theatre membership and beyond. Listen in to up-close-and-personal accounts of where and how their interest in live theatre began, what accomplishments they have achieved, and how they are staying creative during this extended intermission during which all live theatre is on hold. Through the online chat, questions can be asked and answered, as well as advice offered on what it takes to make it in the world of live theatre in Los Angeles.  

On Sundays at 7 p.m., interviews are held with Directors and Designers whose collaborative work brings stage magic to life by creating a visual presentation of a playwright’s script. Beginning in May, to date ten interviews have been held with Alison Boole, Harold Dershimer, Bruce Starrett, Vanessa Claire Stewart, Oliver Orion, Branda Lock, Niko Montelibano, fight choreographer and opera singer Mario Rocha, wig and costume designer (and actor) Jon Sparks, and Marc Antonio Pritchett.

On Thursdays at 7 p.m., tune in for the ABC’s of Theatre interviews with Actors, Backers and Crew who work onstage and backstage in the theatrical world. To date, interviews have been featured with Melodie S. Rivers, Cherinda Kincherlow, Marcom Masque Award winning actors Megan Blakeley, Kyle Ray, Elliott Plunkett, Fiona Okida, Philip Bartolf and Kelsey Weinstein, Glory Bamubile Tshimanga, Dylan LaRoche, Amir Levi, Lyndsay and Jeremy Palmer, Kryzstofer Stefanic, Brittney S. Wheeler, father and son actors Shawn and Elliott Plunkett, Graciela Valderrama, as well as episodes during which the two “Sams” interview each other about their acting careers as well as the creation and production of KP Live.

Subscribe to the Kentwood Players You Tube channel to watch all previous and future episodes of KP Live at no charge at Then listen in to gain a better understanding and appreciation for those who share their creative talents to keep audiences entertained and wanting more. And be sure to follow Kentwood Players on all social media including their website at for more information.