Kid journalist sets sights on President Biden

Mateo Ariza and a fellow journalist get an opportunity to meet LA City Mayor Karen Bass. (Photo by Michelle Mayans)

By Mateo Ariza

KidScoop Media Correspondent 

age 10

President Biden arrived at LAX on Tuesday, February 20th aboard Air Force One. This was my first assignment as a Kids Scoop Media reporter and it was very exciting. When I arrived on the tarmac, I went through Secret Service security. As I waited in the press pen I interviewed Wes, a Secret Service agent, like me, this was his first assignment with the president. He told me he thought his job was “challenging but rewarding” but that’s not all, before he was in the Secret Service he was in the Marine Corps and flew Apache helicopters. Now he has the most important assignment of all, protecting the president. 

I also interviewed a fellow reporter named Tracey Leong. She has worked with NBC 4 News since 2006. In those 18 years, she covered 3 presidents, President Obama, President Trump, and President Biden. 

Suddenly we heard a rush of loud air and saw Air Force One break through the clouds. As the plane landed, I was filled with excitement. A welcoming party arrived including the Mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, both of whom I met and took a photo with. They were very kind and the congresswoman complimented me on my bowtie. 

Suddenly a door on Air Force One opened and President Biden came out and walked down the steps. Then the mayor and congresswoman welcomed him to LA. They talked for a short time and Maxine Waters pointed at me and the president waved.   

Next, President Biden entered his limo, THE BEAST!  It looks like a normal car but it is in fact an armored vehicle with bulletproof glass and massive thick tires. Accompanying THE  BEAST was a decoy BEAST, multiple police cars, police motorcycles, armored vans, and two ambulances.

After the motorcade left we waited for security to clear us to leave. While we waited, someone working on Air Force One said “Wait right here, I have something for you”. He went back into Air Force One and came back out with presidential M&Ms in a special box signed by President Biden. I was told that each president gets to choose their favorite candy to hand out to guests.  

Overall, it was a great experience, and I hope the president had a good time in Los Angeles.

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