Infrastructure electrification gets go ahead

At the City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 28, the council voted unanimously in favor of Action Item 2 – “a resolution certifying the transportation facility electrification project will be completed by a skilled and trained workforce and determining an exemption from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is appropriate for receipt of awarded grant funds.” City Clerk Jeremy Green said that the city received notice of a $5 million grant award from California Energy Commission for Electrification Infrastructure in August of last year. The council soon authorized the acceptance award in September, plus the Zero Emission Transition Plan. On April 13, city staff are scheduled to go before the CEC for execution of the grant agreement. Also in the Action Item was the proposal that MOEV Software should get an exemption from the “competitive bidding requirements given they were not formally procured through a competitive process.” At the meeting, staff recommended that the City Council “approve an agreement with MOEV, Inc. for charge management solutions in an amount not to exceed $527,244.” Staff also recommended that the council, “adopt a resolution certifying the project will be completed by a skilled and trained workforce,” as stated in the action item. The item passed unanimously, with the five members all seeming excited about the project