Fourth grade students get creative about healthy eating

For one of the first science units of the school year, the fourth graders at Echo Horizon School studied the heart parts, the flow of blood in and out of the body, and how healthy eating plays a role in keeping our hearts functioning well.

The students took a more in-depth look at food labels and how to gather information to determine whether the food met higher healthy standards or not.

Their first assignment was to find a snack that met the requirements within low cholesterol, low sodium, average amount of protein, low in fat/saturated fat and trans fat, etc.

Students brought quite a variety of healthy snacks to share, from granola to soybean crisps, to oatmeal, to grapefruit.

The students then took their knowledge of what they learned from both units and designed a collaborative podcast to inform the public (their fellow classmates and peers of Echo Horizon School) about the relationship between the two topics.

They developed a script and used Garageband on their MacBooks to record their broadcast show.

They edited using the tools on the software program and some became very skilled with adding jingles as well!

“The project was a huge success, the children showed clearly that they understood what they learned while sharing the importance of this Unit and how it affects them in their daily lives,” said fourth-grade teacher Kristen Galati.