Fitzgerald‘s ‘The Great Gatsby’ now on DVD, Blue-ray; Kilmer takes on ’Citizen Twain’ at Pasadena Playhouse

Director Baz Luhrmann’s

vision for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece,

“The Great Gatsby” is a

work of art that brings the bawdy,

gaudy roaring ‘20s to life on the silver


The sets and costumes are

amazing and oh the jewels–fabulous

diamond necklaces, pins and

pearls, oh my.

The music is basically period

with thrilling music by Gershwin

and other composers of the era

throughout with some modern

musical touches skillfully blended


Luhrmann’s presentation is like

a cinematic opera with sweeping

music, romantic love and betrayal

ending in tragedy. This is not

surprising, however, since the

director gave us an exquisite modernized

version of Puccini’s “La

Boehme” on stage and a musical

dramatization of “Moulin Rouge”

on film.

Now the screen explodes once

again with “The Great Gatsby”

starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the

title role as Jay Gatsby, with Tobey

Maguire as Nick Carraway along

with Joel Edgerton and Carey Mulligan

as Tom and Daisy Buchanan.

As the film begins, writer Nick

Carraway has come from the Midwest

to the glittering world of New

York City in the spring of 1922. It

is an era of glittering jazz, bootleg

kingpins and loosening morals.

As Nick tries to go after his

own American dream he winds

up living next door to a mysterious,

party-giving millionaire, Jay

Gatsby. He also lives across the

bay from his cousin, Daisy and her

philandering blue-blooded husband,

Tom Buchanan.

Soon Nick is drawn into the

world of the super-rich, a world

filled with extravagant parties, love

affairs and deceit and like a good

opera, the story ends in ultimate


As Nick watches the romance

between his married cousin and

Gatsby unfold, he is also aware of

her husband’s affairs.

In the end, he finds himself

drawn more to Gatsby, an optimistic

dreamer with boundless hope

who believes in undying love.

The additional DVD features

are amazing, informative and very

entertaining as director Luhrmann

talks about “The Greatness of Gatsby” and his wife narrates “Razzle

Dazzle: The Fashion of the ’20s.

Other bonus features include

“Fitzgerald’s Visual Poetry,” “The

Jazz Age” and more.

One of the highlights is seeing

how the lavish party sequences

were created with the use of green

screen and computer generated


Baz Luhrmann’s lavish presentation

of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s

masterpiece, “The Great Gatsby,”

arrives onto Blu-ray 3D Combo

Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and

2-disc DVD Special Edition and

Digital Download on Aug.27.

From Warner Bros., rated

PG-13 for some violent images,

sexual content, smoking, partying

and brief language.


Actor Val Kilmer brought Jim

Morrison to life on screen in “The

Doors,” played Doc Holiday in

”Tombstone” and now portrays

the great American writer Mark

Twain in his one-man show “Citizen


In the show Kilmer will explore

the famed author’s wry humor on

subjects ranging from politics to

death, love to money as well as racism,

cats and many other topics,

including watermelon.

The production, written by

Kilmer, illuminates the depth of

Mark Twain’s fiction and regards

it as a striving for divine truth.

Kilmer also mines the hilarious,

raucous side of Twain, considered

to be America’s greatest storyteller

and first stand-up comedian.

Twain was a raconteur and Kilmer

presents his show in the style of a


“Citizen Twain” will run Aug.

21-30 at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Tickets are available online at or

call 626-356-7529.