Ebay is for everyone

Photo Courtesy of Pete Whalon. E-PURCHASE: Selling your gems on Ebay is relatively easy after familiarizing yourself with the site. Of course, the best way to master the procedure is to enlist the help of a friend or family member whom is familiar with th

The first time I listed something for sale using Ebay dates back to the late ‘90s. I sold two Morgan silver dollars and I was thrilled! I had turned a few coins resting quietly in the bottom of a dresser drawer into cash. I was hooked. Since that time I have bought and sold more than 1,000 items on this remarkable site.  If you’re one of those skeptical people who are “afraid” of conducting transactions online, or you believe the process must be difficult and beyond your computer savvy, you are doing yourself a disservice. Nothing ventured, nothing gained my wary, fearful friends. Please read on and allow me to convince you otherwise, since you are missing out on one of the most intriguing wonders of the electronic age.

For now let’s set aside buying and selling stuff on Ebay. Most folks own family “treasures” or trinkets that they stuff in a cubbyhole at home or pack away in a box somewhere in their garage that they believe just might be worth a pretty penny. And although they would love to know their value, getting an estimate of its worth or obtaining an appraisal is a pain in the butt and can be costly. Little do they realize that the absolute best tool for learning the value of that old Superman comic or their mother’s diamond wedding ring is a few clicks away on the computer. Ebay is their solution. Any object under the sun is only worth what someone will pay for it. So check it out on Ebay and I guarantee someone will be selling it or something close. And if it’s a common piece, there could be dozens of people selling the exact same thing. As an added bonus usually a seller’s description may provide information that you were unaware of. It’s the best way I know of obtaining knowledge and worth of that dusty buried treasure tucked away in your closet and it’s quick and free. Whether you buy or sell, it proves a fantastic research tool and a hassle-free way of obtaining valuable information on the paraphernalia lying around in those hidden nooks and crannies.

Selling your gems on Ebay is relatively easy after familiarizing yourself with the site. Of course, the best way to master the procedure is to enlist the help of a friend or family member whom is familiar with the site and has experience with buying and selling there. There’s even a book, “Ebay for Dummies,” which you can purchase. Once the process becomes routine, it’s actually loads of fun watching your items sell. Ebay has deftly refined their process over the years to make it as painless as possible for first time sellers. Honestly, anyone can do it. We all know that having a garage sale means selling your crap at rock bottom prices to shifty looking strangers who are trampling your grass. However, on Ebay the entire world becomes potential customers, and you don’t have to bargain with them or get up at 5:00 a.m. to spread your junk out on the lawn. A quick example, I helped a friend sell a British gold coin a few years back. She had taken it to three coin shops for an appraisal and was told the coin was worth its gold value only (about $400), nothing more. We did some price comparisons through Ebay and posted it for sale at $1250. It sold in less than one hour, proof that what you’re selling is worth what one person will pay for it, not what someone tells you it’s worth.  Simply, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Buying on Ebay is less complicated than selling and can prove a bargain hunter’s dream. Whether buying or selling you must establish an account first. Then let the shopping begin. I will now make a personal confession to you that very few people are aware of.  I love wearing silk Hawaiian shirts such as Tommy Bahamas and Paradise on a Hanger, just to name a few. Retail you would probably shell out $100 or higher for a Tommy Bahama silk shirt. After discovering the treasure trove of Hawaiian’s available on Ebay, I haven’t bought one in a store since and I rarely pay over $25 online. They may have been worn once or twice; however, most are in perfect condition and can be returned if necessary. I recommend before buying anything retail you check out what’s for sale on Ebay.

I’ve used Ebay for selling, buying and appraising stuff for over fifteen years and have rarely encountered a problem. Sellers are well monitored by Ebay staff, and they quickly and efficiently handle problems and complaints. So selling, buying or trying to evaluate the worth of your Grandma’s weathered jewelry box, I suggest you jump on Ebay today and start clicking away. Although this may read like a paid advertisement, it’s not. Actually it’s more like a public service announcement. But I’ve gotta run, summer is just around the corner and I need a few Hawaiian’s for my collection to kick off the season.

Ebay is for everyone