Des Croissants Paris adds French touch to Culver

(Photo by Brett Callwood)

According to the website, Samual Manar opened Des Croissants Paris with the aim of making it a “traditional French Boulangerie Patisserie. You will find artisanal breads, freshly baked croissants, pastries and gourmet sandwiches.”

Manar studied at the Ferrandi School in France, before relocating to the Los Angeles area in 2015. He worked at Spago Restaurant and Bottega Louie, before taking the massive step of opening his own business in 2018.

Now, he says that he’s “constantly driven by passion and excellence. A genuine feeling of love is infused in all that he does.”

You can tell. Nothing feels like it’s been done by accident at Des Croissants Paris. Every item, every single element of the presentation, feels very deliberate and designed with loving care. 

The shelves are stocked with what look like artisan biscuits, chocolate and other tasty goods. Each item is carefully placed – again, care is taken in the smallest details and the shelves look like art gallery displays. It’s quite something.

The selection of pastries, cakes and other baked glass is dazzling too. Again, the presentation is impeccable, and each individual item looks glorious. Pan au chocolat and cinnamon twirls sit alongside baguettes and loaves. All the while, the smell of freshly baked everything hangs over the room like a cloud that you just want to float away in. Essentially, just being in Des Croissants Paris is a pleasure before you’ve taken a bit of anything.

That said, when you do take a few bites, it takes the experience up to another level. We tried two items, both of which were wonderful.

The raspberry cheese pastry, similar to a Danish, was incredible. The flaky, glazed pastry alone is worth driving to the place for. Sweet, light and comforting, each bite is crispy and delightful. The cheese filling is just as good – sweet and a tiny bit tart, it balances beautifully with the four fresh raspberries. 

Put all of the ingredients together, and this was a magical sweet treat. Meanwhile, the almond croissant might not be as elaborate but it’s just as tasty. Again, the secret is the pastry which is practically (but thankfully not literally) addictive. 

The flaked almonds and powdered sugar on the exterior help to add new layers to the croissant, while the almond paste on the inside (we think) is just awesome.

We tried two items but we could have taken a lot more home. Go for a treat, but be careful you don’t get carried away.

Des Croissants Paris is located at 8539 Washington Blvd., Culver City 90232. Contact 213-222-8902 and visit