Demand for a public apology

The Culver City News of June 24, 2021 contained an article that stated the City of Culver City passed a resolution apologizing for its racial history. Apparently, the Culver City Council has a majority of its members who thereby acknowledge and feel the need to apologize for being racists. 

The audacity of these people to take it upon themselves to make this apology on behalf of ALL the citizens of this city is outrageous and extremely offensive and goes well beyond the purpose for which they were elected. 

The City Council members are not my owners and have no right to speak on my behalf. The time spent on this should have been used to address the issues that they were elected for. And there are certainly plenty of those!

I have lived in Culver City for fifty years. In my business I have serviced people of all races, religions, national origin, gender, political orientation. All these people engaged my services voluntarily and many came to me upon the recommendation of other obviously satisfied clients. I have served people from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, as well as from numerous states in this country.

During my time here I have had Black friends, Latino friends, Gay friends, Asian friends and enjoyed their company at our home as well as in the social interactions we have had while living here. 

I do not have a racist bone in my body. I judge people by their character and behavior. And these people obviously did the same by becoming my clients and friends. No one forced them to do so.  And many in turn recommended me to their family and friends.

The racists on the Culver City city council were acting way beyond the job they were appointed to do.

I am deeply offended and I demand that the City Council correct this outrageous overreach and publicly apologize for it. Anything less is unacceptable.

If as individuals they wish to atone for their personal racism they have every right to do so. As a matter of fact, I strongly encourage they do that publicly so that the citizens of Culver City know who they are dealing with and may take that into account in future elections. If they feel that the damage they have done requires “reparations,” they should definitely do so by opening their wallets. They do not need mine or anyone else’s approval and, as a matter of fact, I encourage it! It may help to relieve them of the guilt they obviously feel.

— Gus van Driel

Culver City

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