Culver City to observe Feb. 17 as its second Acts of Kindness Day

The City of Culver City invites the community to celebrate “National

Random Acts of Kindness Day” on Saturday, Feb. 17. Random Acts of Kindness come in all forms, great and small, and how you choose to perform yours is entirely up to you.

It can start with making a donation to your favorite charity, or considering the time of year, providing a warm blanket to someone who is cold. You could take a friend out for a meal, for no other reason than that theyre your friend. See someone with the blues? Surprise them by putting a cup of hot coffee or tea on their desk with a smile and tell them to have a great day. Even just smiling at someone and telling them to have a good day could have a thoughtful impact. On “National Random Acts of Kindness Day”, help yourself by helping others; the smile on their faces and yours will prove its all worth it.

In 2016, former Culver City Mayor and current City Council Member Jim B. Clarke spearheaded the City of Kindness initiative. On April 13, 2017, through the City Councils efforts, Culver City became a City of Kindness.

Since that time, the City has launched its City of Kindness website at [ ]. Residents are invited to become engaged in the Kindness movement in Culver City by taking the Kindness Survey, reporting an Act of Kindness, and nominating a Kindness Trailblazer. Residents and business people can also learn ways to give back to the community, such as becoming a volunteer in Culver City.

Celebrated on Feb. 17, “National Random Acts of Kindness Day” has

grown in popularity each year. It is celebrated by individuals, groups and organizations, nationwide, to encourage acts of kindness. It is a favorite day to many, as people everywhere are enjoying doing these acts of kindness. Every kind act brings us one step closer to creating a kinder Culver City and a kinder world. Through big and small acts, we can cultivate a kinder environment through our own efforts and goodwill for others. Engaging in volunteer service and compassionate, selfless acts are perfect ways to get the cycle of kindness started.