Council policy statement amended at meeting

An uncharacteristically short City Council meeting on the evening of Monday, February 12 resulted in a resolution amending council policy statement no. 2401.

Action Item 1, the only item on the agenda with the exception of the Consent Calendar, called for a recommendation from the Ad Hoc City Council Policies Subcommittee to adopt a resolution.

The resolution reads, “The City Council hereby adopts an amended City Council Policy No. 2401 entitled “Public Records Requests,” which Policy is attached hereto as Exhibit “A” to this Resolution and will replace the existing Council Policy Statement 2401. The amended Policy, as set forth in Exhibit A, shall supersede all other previously adopted policies regarding the subject matter therein, as reflected in the amended Policy.”

Digging deeper, Exhibit A is defined as, “The PRA does not require any particular method or means for a member of the public to submit a request for public records (i.e., in writing, in person or by phone). However, in order to ensure the City clearly understands the request and to assist with the efficient processing of the request, the City strongly recommends and encourages members of the public to submit their PRA requests through the City’s online, web-based public records request system, known as NextRequest, which can be accessed at the following link:”

A motion was raised by Council Member Albert Vera and seconded by Vice Mayor Dan O’Brien, and it passed unanimously (Council Member Goran Eriksson was absent).