Clean Beach Poster Contest open for submissions from third to fifth graders


Students in Culver City and throughout LA County from third to fifth grade are encouraged to participate in the Can the Trash Clean Beach Poster Contest, now accepting submissions until Jan. 31. The contest, run by LA County Department of Beaches and Harbors, is meant to educate kids on how trash that is improperly disposed of can reach the ocean, from cities close to the beach like Culver City to places far inland like East LA.

To enter the contest, draw a picture or create a poster with a message or an idea about keeping beaches, the ocean, and the environment clean and safe. Creativity is obviously encouraged, but there are a set of rules to be followed.

Entries to the contest must be on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of white paper and must be oriented in landscape. The art on the entry must be original, created 100% by the student, and not contain any copyrighted characters or materials.

Each student can submit more than one entry to the contest, but each entry requires its own separate entry form. A total of 15 winners will be selected, with one winner from each grade selected by each of the five County Supervisorial Districts. Winners will be contacted directly and announced on the contest webpage. Contest winners will have their artwork displayed around trash barrels on the beach, and in a gallery on the contest website.

For more information and to find the online submission portal as well as the mail-in submission form, visit the contests official website at Email any additional questions you may have to