City introduces online records request portal

On Thursday, Feb. 24, Culver City announced  the launch of a new online records request portal. The portal has been developed with help from NextRequest, “a company that facilitates access to public records.” The portal will provide a one-stop online venue for requesting public records from City departments through an easy-to-use online form, making the previously complicated process a lot easier. According to a press release from the city, “Members of the public will be able to input and track progress of their requests and receive electronic updates on statuses. In addition, users will have access to an archive of previously filled records requests and responsive documents online, increasing the odds that they might find what they are looking for without having to submit a new request. The searchable archive will contain records requests starting on Feb. 24, 2022 and will expand as the City receives future requests.” “NextRequest will help the City provide better customer service and direct transparency to the public,” said Mayor Daniel Lee. “This new process will also allow city staff to track requests internally and fulfill public record requests more readily, bringing increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings to the City and public.” For more information, visit the Culver City Records Request webpage at