City gets involved with TreeMap LA

Culver City is excited to announce its participation with TreeMapLA ( to highlight the benefits that Culver City’s trees are providing to the community and to the entire L.A. area.

Culver City is the first city to upload their tree inventory onto TreeMapLA, adding nearly 17,000 new trees and more than $500,000 in economic benefits to the map.

TreeMapLA is a website and mobile app, designed as a community resource to inspire and engage citizens to learn more about and take personal responsibility for the urban forest and watersheds of greater Los Angeles. By entering simple information about the city’s trees and watershed solutions, users are able to learn about the environmental and economic value of our urban forest and watersheds (including energy conserved, stormwater filtered and air quality improved), and to interact with the city’s natural world in an exciting new way.

In addition to mapping trees, TreeMapLA allows users to map their Watershed Solutions, including rain gardens, rain barrels and cisterns, to learn the water that is conserved and the stormwater runoff that is reduced through the use of these water-saving solutions.

TreeMapLA users can also log their stewardship activities, marking trees that need assistance with alerts and marking trees that have been cared for with the actions performed.

To participate on your own, simply create a login at www. or by downloading the free Apple or Android mobile app and map your own Trees and Watershed Solutions today.