Centennial to be celebrated with Technicolor Drip performance

“Sunday, Aug. 6 will see the third performance in the “1988” series, taking place in and around “Technicolor Drip,” the permanent artwork by Jen Stark located at PLATFORM in Culver City.

“Technicolor Drip” is a free four-part series, funded by the Culver City’s Cultural Trust as part of the Centennial Celebration. The series features the renowned Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre, and this latest dance will take place in 120-minute intervals from 1 to 3 p.m. That same evening, there will be a projector-screening of the performance ay Helms Bakery District Courtyard.

According to a press release, “The performance Technicolor Drip is inspired by technology and conceived as a durational experience—intended to be viewed once or multiple times throughout the afternoon. The dancers will perform simultaneously in and around the window frames of the parking structure where the mural, Technicolor Drip, is installed and inside the glass art vitrines (boxes) on the exterior of the parking garage facing Washington Boulevard, where temporary artworks by Jen Stark are located. The dancers will rotate positions every 12 minutes between the window frames and the glass vitrines. The dancers’ movement will accentuate the lines of the painting and follow the free-flow nature of the ‘drip’ while wearing rainbow-inspired costumes reflecting the artworks’ color palette. The technology theme continues when the viewer downloads the performance music via their smartphone, as they walk or roll by the parking structure engaging with the performance.”

Marla Koosed, corporate art adviser with the Culver City Chamber, said that with “Technicolor Drip” the dancers will be dancing in and around the windows that are in the garage, facing out on to Landmark.

“They’ll be dancing in the two glass boxes with artwork behind them, also by Jen Stark, that face Washington Boulevard. The dancers will do 12-minute dances, and then you can download the music on you iPhone while you watch the dances. It’s meant to be seen when you’re walking by or hanging out, and so it’s more of a looping performance. At all of these events, the artist Jen Stark, as well as the artistic director Heidi Duckler, and myself the producer, will be there for a talk-back.”

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