CCUSD “Backpacks For Kids” food drive still accepting donations in final days



If you have students in our schools, you may have already received the flyer announcing this drive. Each school is asked to provide specific items to restock the pantry used to supply backpacks with foodstuffs for about 70 of our students each Friday during the school year.

Did you know that more than 39 percent of CCUSD students receive free or reduced price lunches at their schools every day? For many students this vital resource includes free breakfast. In some circumstances, healthy, reliable meals on the weekend are not guaranteed to the students. Since 2013, “Backpack For Kids” has provided an opportunity for our students to have access to healthy food during weekends.

Members of the business community may participate in this Drive by collecting food items which include small jars of Peanut Butter, individual servings of Crackers and Cereal, Canned meats, fruit cups, Granola Bars, boxes of Macaroni and Cheese, and Cup o’ Noodles.

As the business community is asked frequently for help, an internal collection for food by your business and employees on one day between Nov. 12 and Dec. 19 would be appreciated and is encouraged.

Since we know that you are asked to help so many times during the year, we are encouraging you to devote 1Day only to this purpose by having an internal food collection by you and your employees of any of the items listed above, on the date of your choice between Nov. 12-Dec. 19.

Once you have chosen the date for you food collection, please call Jerry or Janet Chabola and the items will be picked up from your business. Should you prefer, donations can also be dropped off at the CCUSD office at 4034 Irving Place in Culver City.

Monetary donations are also being accepted through the Culver City Council PTA (tax ID#23- 7014093) and can be sent to the CCUSD office. Leslie Gardner has been the current project manager for this effort.

For more information persons interested can contact Jerry Chabola at jerrychabola@yahoo. com and Janet Chabola at: or via cell phone at (310) 384-7454.


CCUSD “Backpacks For Kids” food drive still accepting donations in final days