CC Middle School student Jacob Zeitlin receives CJSF Huhn Award

Diego Ramirez, from left, Jacob Zeitlin and Matt Zeitlin are all CJSF members and attended a special “Launch to College” work- shop and the awards ceremony where Jacob was recognized. (Courtesy photo)

Culver City Middle School 8th grade student Jacob Zeitlin has been awarded the California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) 2022-2023 Marian Huhn Memorial Award. The News was contacted by Jacob’s twin brother Matt, who was proud to share the good news.

“This award recognizes outstanding 7th and 8th grade student members of CJSF for their academic excellence and service to the school and community,” Matt said. “This recognition also includes a $250 cash prize.  This is a big deal – it’s an award given on the state level.

The announcement appeared in the Superintendent’s weekly online email (the Paw Print) sent to parents. However, I think this news should also be shared in our local community newspaper. Your newspaper reports how Culver City school athletes and sports teams perform,and I believe information about how our students perform academically – and excel like Jacob — should also be reported.”

He’s quite right, and Matt is keen to stress that he’s not coming from a place of bias.

“You could ask anyone who knows Jacob and they’ll tell you he is an incredibly smart and hardworking student, deserving of this award and recognition,” Matt said. “He is the smartest student I know, as well as the nicest. He is humble and doesn’t brag about how smart he is.   He is always willing to help other students, is kind and patient, and again so smart. Additionally, he has given many hours of service to our school community and beyond. I hope you will consider highlighting this award and Jacob in your newspaper.”

Information about the program can be found at the California Junior Scholarship Federation website.  Meanwhile, Matt says that the CJSF program wouldn;t be at the school if not for the efforts of coordinator Ms. Cristina Hernandez Avalos.

“Recognizing our outstanding teachers is important for their morale and this is even more important when they go above and beyond as Ms. Hernandez Avalos does – she is one of the best,” said Matt. “Additionally, having a recipient of this state award is great press for our school district at a time when our district could really use it (the school has recently been receiving negative press about violence on campus as well as the Honors program and more). Although Jacob was recognized in the online email sent out by the Superintendent, Jacob really deserves recognition by our entire community for this awesome achievement!  One of the reasons people move to Culver City is for the schools and this confirms how awesome our schools are.  Community stakeholders deserve to know our school has produced an award recipient!”

“I’m so proud of Jacob for being selected as the recipient of this award as there are many hard-working, deserving students at CCMS,” added his mother, Sharon Zeitlin. “I am very grateful to Ms. Hernandez Avalos, the CJSF advisor, for coordinating this wonderful program and for inspiring and motivating so many young students. Her commitment and dedication to our students is so appreciated.”

The News would like to congratulate Jacob and his family.