Cannibal restaurant leaving City


According to a story on Eater Los Angeles, The Cannibal, the meat-heavy restaurant which was expanded from the East Coast by owner Christian Pappanicholas two years ago, will close its Culver City branch by the end of January.

In March 2016, when the restaurant first moved here, executive chef Francis Derby told that, “For me it’s like the old butcher shop style, where I would go with my grandfather. You can go there to buy some sausages or pork chops and order a sandwich over the counter, so you can eat that while you’re cooking at home.”

Co-owner Cory Lane told the same publication, “This is the first time we’ve been able to see the concept in its full idea. In New York, we were always inhibited by real estate or space in general, we’ve never been able to do the butcher sandwich shop next to the restaurant, and we’re excited. This is The Cannibal full size.”

All of which makes it especially sad that the restaurant must close its doors. The Cannibal team plans to run a number of one-off deals and party nights right up to the final closing, and Happy Hour will be expanded.

“Pappanicholas and Cory Lane say they want to make the closing effort feel like something fun for locals to enjoy, rather than a somber — and sudden — ending,” reads the Eater Los Angeles piece. “The final night of service will be Saturday, January 27, with no new tenants yet announced to replace the restaurant at the otherwise-bustling Platform mixed-use development in Culver City.”

Cannibal restaurant leaving City