Boldness is required to live your dreams

We all have dreams and desires that live inside of our hearts.  We know what they are because they bubble up from within us without any effort.  When these thoughts come through, we catch little glimpses and visions of possibilities regarding who we are and what we can become.  These thoughts are inherently inspiring.  However, many of us have fears, doubts and worries regarding our own value and what we are capable of achieving.  As a result, these same thoughts can bring up a sense of fear and discouragement.  The good news is that now is the perfect time to step boldly in the direction of  our dreams.

Much of what we do in education involves encouraging our students to expand their awareness regarding their world and what is possible.  In order to continue learning, students often have to release old ideas about who they are and how things work.  For some students, there might be tears as they grapple with the belief that they cannot learn something new or do something they have never done before.  This does not mean that their fears are true.  In fact, nothing is further from the truth.

I had a student who was terrified of drawing.  He would proclaim loudly that he was incapable of drawing and that he did not want to do it.  Rather than turn drawing into torture, we took the time to hear him out.  We respected how scary it felt and that he held these limiting beliefs without shaming him for feeling that way.  At the same time, we took steps to build his confidence.  We encouraged him to drop his judgments regarding his drawing ability and step boldly into the activity without fear of failure.  

Somewhat reluctantly, he took one small step at a time.  It did not take long before his fear of drawing diminished.  While it did not become his favorite activity, it was no longer something to be feared and avoided.  This newfound freedom allowed him to engage in class discussions related to drawing and art because it was not triggering the fear that it once did.  Not only did this student free himself up to enjoy art, he also became a voice of appreciation for other students’ artistic efforts.

Perhaps you are withholding your gifts and talents because you fear that you are not worthy or capable of experiencing your dreams and desires.  If so, it is high time you set those fearful voices aside and took some steps in the direction of the good life.  This is not something that you must do to prove anything to anyone else.  Expressing and experiencing more of what you love is something that makes your life better.  You will experience greater success and satisfaction in every area of your life as you surrender to your natural creativity and inspiration.

Edward Biagiotti is an Education Specialist for Culver City Unified School District.  He is also the co-host of “Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed” podcast on iTunes.