Bad News is good news for the Cinema Bar

(Photo by Brett Callwood)

On their Instagram page, local band Bad News (not to be confused with the British comedy metal group of the same name) describe themselves as “Heartbroken men singing heartbreaking songs.” They’re multi-instrumentalists, and they play multiple genres, so the shows can be a real mixed bag. Band member Terry Castleman told the CCN what we can expect when they play the Cinema Bar this week…

When did you start playing and performing? When did the band form?

The band officially formed a year ago when we all moved in together in Palms. However, we’ve been jamming together in some capacity since our college days.

Describe your sound/style?

We’re like the Uber of boy bands in that we all play multiple instruments during shows and we’re constantly seeking more. If anyone reading this has a tuba, we’re interested.

What are your career highlights so far?

One of our favorite memories is selling out nearby bar Bigfoot Lounge West in November. They don’t sell tickets, per se, but there were a lot of people there.

What recorded music is available — particularly the most recent?

We’re working on our EP, Confidential, which should be out mid-year. In the meantime, we post clips on Instagram at @badnews_theband.

Have you performed at Cinema Bar before?

This will be our second show at Cinema Bar! We loved the crowd the first time and have attended a bunch of shows there too.

What can we expect from the set this time?

Fans will hear fun covers from the 70’s through present day, and a few originals sprinkled in that document our dating journeys in LA. Genres include rock, folk, pop, country and more.

What else do you have coming up?

We’ll be headlining the SoCal Soak & Folk festival in our backyard once the rains stop!

Bad News performs at 9 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 20 at the Cinema Bar. Go to for more information about the venue.

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