Appalled at US Govenrment “goading” in Egypt


I am appalled that President Obama and  Secretary of State  Clinton are  aiding the advance of radical Islam by arrogantly goading the duly-elected president of the Arab Republic of Egypt to “step down.”

The fact that we give Egypt aid does not mean we run their country.

While the press hyperventilates that “thousands” are demonstrating in Cairo, they represent not even one percent of the 89,000,000-strong Egyptian population.

How would we feel about any foreign leader demanding that Obama step down every time the Tea Party shows up in force in D.C.?

While Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton live here and in a massive security cocoon, the  Egyptian government has been in the front line fighting terror since the murderous Muslim Brotherhood was formed there in 1928.

The Brotherhood’s motto is “The Koran is our Constitution.”

Believe it or not, It is entirely likely that the majority want to maintain their constitutional “Arab Republic” and not be governed by  the murderous whims of the Brotherhood.

Larry Stirling

San Diego