A Danish means more at Copenhagen Pastry 

(Photo by Brett Callwood)

The location of Copenhagen Pastry couldn’t be more ideal. Sat on Washington, just off of Sepulveda, it’s directly across the street from a cluster of restaurants including the Mykonos Greek Grill (which the News has reviewed in recent months). So if you eat out and want to pick up dessert afterwards, Copenhagen Pastry is your spot.

“Copenhagen Pastry differs from other bakeries through our emphasis on using authentic Danish recipes, traditional baking methods and the finest quality ingredients to create pastries that are flaky, light and delicately sweet without being sugary or heavy,” they say on their website. “Quality control, consistency and continuity are important to Copenhagen Pastry and among the reasons that our selections overall remain the same week after week. Our fillings are primarily almond paste and custard in various ratios along with cinnamon, almond flakes and traditional Danish fruit fillings (apple, raspberry, apricot and blueberry).”

Unsurprisingly, everything that they have to offer looks delicious. They also have vegan options, so nobody has to miss out on the delightful desserts. Much like in neighboring Germany, the Danish love their marzipan – the sugary almond paste finds its way into a lot of their cakes and candies. Which for us is great, because we very much enjoy marzipan.

We tried three different cakes / pastries, all from the vegan section. First off, the raspberry pasty is as good as you would hope it would be from a Danish place. After all, what are the Danes more famous for than pastries? The actual pastry is flaky and somehow tastes buttery and rich, despite the fact that there’s obviously no butter in the vegan version.

The raspberry compote (or jam, depending on how fancy you’re feeling) is vibrant and full of sweet, fruity flavor. And the whole thing is topped off with a drizzle of frosting. Perfect!

Next up was the Napoleonshatte, or “Napoleon’s Hat.” Clearly, it’s named due to the fact that it looks like one of those old military hats. In fact, it consists of sugary shortcrust pastry, filled with marzipan and dipped in chocolate. It’s quite dense – you don’t need to eat too much – but to die for.

Similar is the Kransekake – a small, log-shaped cake that is also heavy on the marzipan and dipped in chocolate, though this one has a frosting drizzle. The sweet and nutty flavors blend beautifully.

Treat yourself to something a little bit different next time you’re hankering for dessert.

Copenhagen Pastry is located at 11113 Washington Blvd., Culver City 90232. Call 310-839-8900 or visit copenhagenpastry.com.