33 Taps are good sports

(Photo by Brett Callwood)

33 Taps, they’re keen to tell everyone, is not your average sports bar. Why? Well, “33 Taps is an L.A.-born, family-owned neighborhood sports bar, serving beers, burgers, and wings since 2016,” they say online. “33 Taps remains a neighborhood favorite because of our variety of local craft beers, homemade food, vegan options, and friendly staff!”

All of which is undeniably true. There are currently two 33 Taps locations – in Culver City and Silver Lake – with a third on the way, in Downtown Los Angeles. 

“Although we’re most known for being a sports bar, our loyal customers return for our high-quality food menu, fun weekly events, and top-notch service,” they continue. “Everybody is welcome – including your dogs! (Yes, we are pet friendly!) All profits from the sale of our puppy bowls are donated to local animal charities.”

It’s wonderful to know that their hearts are in the right place, and that we can take our four-legged friends there should we so desire. It certainly appears to blessedly lack the nonsensical machismo that regularly plagues sports bars, correctly noting that it is possible to watch sports and like dogs.

Due to the fact that this writer is English, the quest to find decent Fish and Chips in the United States is ongoing and, thus far, fruitless. Or, to be more accurate, it’s impossible to find authentic British Fish and Chips here but that doesn’t mean that the Americanized versions can’t be tasty. That’s precisely the case at 33 Taps.

The fries (not chips) are thin, crispy and seasoned wonderfully. The chips in Fish and Chips should be fat, resembling a steak fry, but that’s generally not the case here in the U.S. But hey, we all love a good, skinny French Fry and these are great.

As for the fish, the batter at 33 Taps is particularly, unusually and notably crunchy. It’s thick and quite hard, seasoned nicely, and it does pair well with the flaky cod. The dish comes with two reasonable sized pieces of cod, though you can get an extra for just $4. The fish tastes fresh, and it’s more delicious when you drizzle some of the malt vinegar that it comes with over both the fish and the fries.

You also get some tartar sauce and coleslaw, resulting in a tasty meal. If you want an authentic version, you’ll have to actually visit Britain.33 Taps is located at 9739 Culver Blvd., Culver City 90232. Call 310-838-9739 or visit eatdrink33.com.