Spoken Word artist gets personal with human rights struggles

Photo by Kristin Ghazarians

When asked the most frequent misconceptions about DACA recipients, Alex told 350 Culver City HS students, “That we aren’t just like you, that we are criminals and bad people. Remember, I didn’t ask to be in this position.” Alex performed at Culver City HS on Nov. 7, 2017. Photo by Kristin Ghazarians

Alex Alpharaoh, DACA recipient and spoken word artist, has been essential in helping STF advocate for the human rights of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This fall Alex has performed his show, “WET: A DACAmented Journey,” at the STF Leadership Workshop, Santa Monica HS, Palisades Charter HS, Sierra Canyon School, Carson HS, Crossroads School, Culver City HS, and New Roads School. He will be at Golden Valley on November 29. Thousands of students and teachers have witnessed Alex’s emotional journey about growing up undocumented in Los Angeles, and his fear of living in the shadows in this country he calls home.

Alex reminded audiences, “I am as American as you are. I’ve been here since I was three months old. The only difference between us is I don’t have documents that say I’m American.”