Letting Off Steam – A Disturbing peek inside the male mind

A disturbing peek inside the male mind

After much consideration, I have boldly decided to break the “dude code” and invite you, ladies, to take a troubling, perverse look inside the mystifying mentality of the male animal. At the risk of being ostracized (and beaten) by my band of brothers, I will now unashamedly pry open the vault to expose the twisted psyche of men.

What you are about to read will undoubtedly cause unspeakable nightmares. And females throughout the country, be aware, when you confront your man with these undeniable truths, he will, without a doubt, deny the legitimacy of my acknowledgments. A stern warning to the fairer sex, proceed at your own risk!

Let’s start with something you probably already suspected. Without your unsolicited supervision/nagging, men will always wash whites and darks together with little regard for the outcome. Frankly, my dear, we just don’t give a damn! It’s simply worth the gamble of turning your favorite designer silk white top into a tie-dyed hippie rag so we can avoid doing two loads instead of one.

As you will unfortunately discover, several of these well-kept secrets are based on a simple truth — guys are passionately devoted to wasting time, and doing laundry interferes with that trivial pursuit.

Ladies, do you seriously believe that we give a flying fig if our shirts don’t match our pants or shorts? (Not counting when a male is on the hunt for female companionship.)

If you don’t believe me, try this—travel to Vegas next year on Superbowl weekend, where the presence of women is extremely scarce. You will, of course, discover roving gangs of fellas consuming obscene amounts of alcohol and behaving like hooligans. Check out their attire. It will be an eye-opener for you, Miss Naiveté. I promise.

Now for a revealing list of activities guys reluctantly take part in all the time to make their sweetie pie happy, however, they absolutely loathe swap meets, farmers markets, stage plays, quaint gift shops, bed & breakfasts, shopping, family get-togethers, long walks, chick-flicks. and Cosmo quizzes. Most dudes would prefer a digital prostate exam from Sasquatch.  And here’s a little ditty that might convince some vindictive gentleman to put a bounty on my head—guys HATE Valentine’s Day!

And lovely, but misguided chicks, if your man is devoted to watching football, baseball, or basketball, please, don’t attempt to gain an understanding of the sport so you can spend “quality time” together viewing a game. It’s equivalent to stabbing one of his eyes out with an ice pick.

He will not be able to fully concentrate on the event with you peppering him with insightful questions such as, “Did he just kick a touchdown, honey?” or “Why is that man putting his hands under the other guy’s butt?”

There’s an age-old implied contract between a loving, committed couple —we’ll leave you alone when you’re putting on your face, taking a bubble bath or prattling to your mom on the phone, and you refrain from pestering us when watching any sporting event, ever!

Oh, there’s so much more chickadees; however, I believe that’s quite enough for our first session together. Please do me a favor, don’t show this article to him. It will cause a gender clash when he vigorously denies these irrefutable facts, which I have humbly presented to you.


  1. This is some sexist b/s right here. Is Culver City News an actual news outlet or a random blog where out of touch men like Pete Whalon write sexist drivel. A writer who addresses female readers as “my dear,” “Miss Naiveté,” “sweetie pie,” “lovely, but misguided chicks,” and “chickadees,” while relying heavily on sex-based stereotypes of women. I saw that there was a letter to the editor objecting to this “article,” but where is Culver City News’ apology to women?