Walk with a Doc takes a historic tour

Photo by Michele Lachoff LAST OF THE YEAR-People gathered for the final walk of the year on Dec. 20. This walk was led by Culver City Historian Julie Lugo Cerra, who later welcomed the group into the Historical Society’s archives to learn a bit more abo

Committed Walk With A Doc attendees enjoyed a different twist during the last walk of the year on Saturday when they were led and hosted by Culver City Historian Julie Lugo Cerra.

Lugo Cerra led the group and noted a variety of interesting and historical aspects of the route taken. Like all walks, Saturday’s outing started at Veterans’ Park at 9 a.m. with pre-walk warmup and stretching beginning at 8:40 a.m. under the guidance of Culver Palms Healthy Lifestyles Coun-selor Brandon Webb.

The walk ended with a tour of the Culver City Historical Archives, where Lugo Cerra shared more of the City’a history, its founder and different bits of information regarding several rel-ics that the Historical Society pre-serves. In addition to celebrating the 12th walk of the year, the group gathered to send-off of coordinator Grace Elliott.

Elliott and her family will spend a year working in Sydney, Australia. Saturday’s walk approached Lindberg Park, where the group turned east toward Dr. Paul Carlson Memorial Park and visited historic sites along the way. Elliot, Dr. Jeffrey Penso and Councilman Jeffrey Cooper began the walks earlier this year and have now become a monthly gathering.

Photo by Michele Lachoff FAREWELL-Grace Elliott and her husband Brad Sick will be leaving to Sydney, Australia on Sunday for the next year. The couple will be relocating due to Sick’s work assignment with Animal Logic.C
Photo by Michele Lachoff RECOGNIZED-Dr. Jeffrey Penso, right, presented Grace Elliott with a plaque from the L.A County Medical Association honoring her for the effort in organizing and promoting walk with a doc.