Fiesta La Ballona is more than celebrating the past

It’s that time of year again

where the community gathers

to celebrate Fiesta La Ballona

with music, games, food

and usually beautiful August

weather. The contests and

carnival rides, along with the

photo opportunities that arise

throughout the three-day celebration

what make familyfriendly

event a staple of the

community. While for many

Fiesta La Ballona is an opportunity

to enjoy the final week

of the summer by catching up

with friends and neighbors, the

Fiesta itself is an ever-evolving

historical event. Every Fiesta

La Ballona tells us the story of

a different year that has come

and gone, unknowingly leaving

us with the task of molding

the next 12 months to come. It

is hard to imagine what went

through the minds of those

individuals responsible for

organizing the very

first Fiesta La Ballona.

It is safe

to say they

too looked

forward to

cooking outdoors;

it can

safely be

a s s u m e d

that there

was a

d i s c u s –

sion about

the entertainment


be provided

and what would

make an ideal location for the

event. What this group of pioneers

certainly never envisioned

was that in 2013 the

Fiesta would include a blues

band, a hip hop performance or

a rock n’ roll rewind all in the

same night. A mariachi performance

was not in their plans

nor did they ever expect to get

groovy to the sounds of disco.

However, these early leaders

did know one thing: that

the city that they so much loved

and made their home would

change, much like them, with

age. The kids would grow up,

the adults would get older and

each year would be just a little

bit different from the previous.

This end-of summer celebration

was definitely remembering

the past but it was a chance

to embrace the present once

more before it slipped away to

make room for the future. The

pictures that we take this year

will one day be seen by future

Culver City residents in amusement

or disbelief at our sense

of fashion but with nostalgia

for a period of time that was not

theirs but that helped define

their present. This popular

event celebrates and preserves

the city’s rich heritage, but

it is up to the residents to get

together and make this year’s

Fiesta La Ballona the most

memorable celebration up to

date so that future generations

can be look back on what they

missed out in 2013