Council votes 3-2 to reopen Main Street to traffic

At the City Council meeting on the evening of Monday, March 13, the council voted in favor of reopening Main Street on weekends, although it will remain closed for the farmer’s market.

Action Item on the agenda read, “Discussion and direction for the future use of Main Street, between Culver Boulevard and the city boundary south of Venice Boulevard.”

The public speakers were split fairly evenly, with many concerned about the future of the local businesses on Main Street, and one person providing photographic evidence of how quiet Main is (although we have no way of verifying when the photographs were taken).

Others wanted the street to remain closed, with many speaking out about how safe and walkable the area is now, with kids able to play while parents shop and get a coffee.

“Take your kids to a park to play,” replied one speaker.

The council voted as expected, with Mayor Albert Vera and Council Members Dan O’Brien and Göran Eriksson the three “yes” votes. Vice Mayor Yasmine-Imani McMorrin and Council Member Freddy Puza voted against in the 3-2 vote.

While Vera, Eriksson and O’Brien all expressed valid concerns for the future of the local businesses, pointing out that many had signed leases with the expectation that Main Street would be open, McMorrin and Puza pointed to the environmental impact, and the fact that “public spaces are for people.”

While voting yes, O’Brien also called for more bicycle racks to be installed on Main.