Culinary Culver City: Johnnie’s Pastrami is hot, tasty and filling

The joy of a joint like Johnnie’s Pastrami isn’t solely in the food, although that sure does have something to do with it. Rather, it’s about the All-American experience of the busy diner, perhaps with counter service (as we received).

Pets of the Week

Pets for the Week

Culinary Culver City: Signature Burger offers globally-themed sandwiches

Few things are more American than a hamburger, right? Well, kind of. Nobody’s quite sure who invented the sandwich, but a similar thing was popular in Hamburg, Germany, in 1869. It seems that everybody wants to claim the good old burger, which makes the theme of Signature Burger wildly appropriate.

Pets of the Week

Pets of the Week

Culinary Culver City: The Dragon breathes fire into Chinese favorites

The Dragon Restaurant, located in the strip mall on Jefferson Boulevard right next to Target and Ross, is exactly the sort of Chinese food takeout and restaurant that you get in strip malls across the country

Culinary Culver City: Samosa House offers all-in-one

The full name of this establishment is the Samosa House and Bharat Bazaar, which should offer some clues that there’s more to be seen here than simply the tasty food. There’s a store that sells all manner of Indian ornaments, books, CDs, DVDs and much more.

Culver City gears up for 2017 Fiesta La Ballona

Fiesta La Ballona takes place in Culver City this weekend, as the city prepares to go carnival-crazy.

Culinary Culver City: Café Laurent is continental bliss

The exterior of Café Laurent hints towards the whole experience. This French café that has what feels like a Moroccan edge has a relaxed, Mediterranean vibe, a stand-alone building that is both impressing and unimposing. The staff are welcoming when you enter, and they bring water and bread with olive tapenade almost immediately. The bread is fresh and bouncy, and the tapenade is rich and vibrant.

Haute Dog, for the fashionable pup

The sixth annual Haute Dog show takes place at the Skirball Cultural Center in L.A. on Friday, Oct. 1.

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