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What do you think of Culver City's red light cameras?

I love them! They keep people on their toes and ensure that more drivers follow the rules of the road. I feel safer knowing they are here.
I hate them! They make me a more nervous driver, and the unfairly expensive penalty does not fit what is usually thought of as a minor offense.
I don't care either way. I drive safely and don't get tickets, so they don't bother me at all.

Michael Milligan Says:

Sat, Sep 28 2013 07:47 PM

All big municipalities nationwide, including Los Angeles, have abandoned their red light camera programs, for multiple reasons. Multiple studies and countless videos that show how they cause accidents, on top of kickbacks and payola for corrupt municipal employees on the take. They are an absolute disgrace.

But Culver City's insatiable appetite for revenue keeps the cameras in place, while the lion's share of the fines goes to the operators of these shameful symbols of government greed.

Culver City has the highest number of $200,000+ employees per capita -- twice as many as ANY other municipality in Los Angeles County.

Next time one of these red light cameras causes an accident, each one of these overpaid "public servants" will have blood on their hands. One can only hope the victim is a trial lawyer.

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