Let a retriever wiggle into your heart


Who doesn’t love a retriever? Those big, loveable dogs that come in black, yellow and chocolate are considered a family staple in many homes. Labrador Retrievers have all the right characteristics for life with people. They are not usually aggressive, territorial, whiny, sulky or destructive. Just like all dogs, they do need training, exercise and love to keep their wonderful personalities in check.

Labs, being naturally patient and obedient, are easily trained. Despite an alert instinct and an excellent sense of smell, they tend to be more friendly than aggressive with people they don’t know.

These animated and good-natured dogs play well with kids and other pups. They like to be involved in family activities and are good about sharing toys and respecting space.

Marty Klein grew up with these fun loving dogs and says, “I adore my labs. They very personable and know how I’m feeling every minute of the day. Their antics keep me smiling through many tough days. They love to sleep with me and to wake up in the mornings with their noses in my face. It’s a great way to start my day.”

According to the American Kennel Club, “Labs have a natural curiosity, a desire for companionship and an uncanny single-mindedness that could drive them to break through a fence or leap over it. For this reason, dog experts recommend clearly marked tags for Labs, and in some cases a traceable microchip implant.”

Labradors do get bored when left alone for too long. This breed is happiest and healthiest with plenty of exercise, outdoor play and lots of attention.

The life expectancy for Labrador Retrievers is normally 10-12 years. They have very few health problems, but hip and elbow dysplasia are things, which should be considered. Labs may develop obesity problems if attention to diet and exercise is ignored. It’s important that they get daily exercise and moderate rations of food.

Labradors have a short, dense and water-resistant outer coat and a downy undercoat that keeps them warm. Their straight tail, also covered by the coat, is otter-like—beginning thick and tapering at the end and defecting water—and their webbed feet are great for swimming.

If you decide to bring a lab into your home, you’ll have days filled with love and fun. Remember to check out your local shelter for one of these amazing pups. You just may find your perfect match.

Lori Fusaro has been voted the best portrait photographer by FoxTV three years in a row. She lives in Culver City with her husband, four cats and dog. Contact: Lori@FusaroPhotography.com, www.FusaroPhotography.com.


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