Filming busy this week in Culver City


For starters in case you didn’t know, Culver City’s Sony Studios is home to the second season of the hit TV show “The Voice,” which airs Monday nights on NBC. As for filming on location, if you were downtown Culver City you may have noticed filming going on at the Culver City Hotel. That was for an episode of “Touch” the new FOX TV series, starring Keifer Sutherland. Today the HBO series “Luck” starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte will be filming at Buckingham Parkway.

This Sunday, an American Film Institute student film will be filming at 9528 Jefferson Blvd. Rolling Greens. On Wednesday, March 7, scenes for an episode of “Ringer,” starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, will be filming at Rush Street in downtown Culver City. “Ringer” airs Tuesdays on the CW at 9 p.m.

The Monkees was filmed by Screen Gems, in Culver City and many of the same sets and props from The Three Stooges short films made by the studio were used on The Monkees: A pair of pajamas with a bunny design on the front that had been worn by Curly Howard in shorts such as Cactus Makes Perfect and In the Sweet Pie and Pie were the same ones worn by Peter Tork in various episodes such as “A Coffin Too Frequent” and “Monkee See, Monkee Die”.If interested in filming in Culver City contact the Filming Office at the Culver City Police Department.


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