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Factg Checker Says:

Tue, Aug 01 2017 09:13 PM

Lame Article. Dr. Arnold was the Superintendent for two years. Get your facts straight. He got recruited to another district close to his home and took the gig; same story as our last two Superintendents

Tres Chic Says:

Thu, Jul 27 2017 09:14 PM

It's been a great two years! I echo the praise of Dr. Arnold's enthusiasm and engagement, and thank him for everything he did for our students.

Maria J. Says:

Thu, Jul 27 2017 09:12 PM

Dr Arnold was the most involved Superintendent that I have seen at CCUSD. I don't even remember the name of past superintendents. How is it that our school district loses someone who is so involved, so enthusiastic about our campuses, so communicative and so in the present? This is truly a loss for our district, parents and most importantly, students. Our loss....I guess it's back to the 'status quo' in good ol' Culver City.

Mr. Mead Says:

Tue, Jul 25 2017 12:38 PM

What a loss for Culver City and congratulations to Dr. Arnold on his new appointment as Chief Educational Officer. He did so much for Special Education students and english learners, we hope the district can keep up with that vision

Sherry Nancy Says:

Fri, Jul 21 2017 08:27 AM

Happy to report seeing Dr. Arnold and some school board members having lunch the other day in downtown Culver City. The board simply got a new President and some new members and that's the way the cookie crumbles. Remember that Dr Arnold bought a house in CC this year and his children go to school here

J. Cabrillo Says:

Wed, Jul 19 2017 08:57 PM

We loved Dr. Arnold and knew him from his former district in Orang County. Fabulous principal, great family and community man, not sure why the school board made such a secret move to part ways. Everybody's voting them out of office anyway on their next term so maybe we can get some real leadership in our schools.

Mike Moreno Says:

Tue, Jul 18 2017 07:42 PM

The board made a smart move to fire Dr Arnold. He is does not care about kids but rather his ego. He treated many staff very badly and also heard that other district he worked out wanted him out. Culver City USD did a good job here.

Concerned Parent Says:

Sun, Jul 02 2017 09:26 PM

Well, It appears that the CCUSD Board takes great pride in standing behind and backing long-over due employees that psychologically harm our students, ignore and remain passive & dissmissive with much needed follow-up appointments and grossly disrespect our parents, but will grudingly bat-eyes and ignore open-minded, well-intentioned visionaries that just may have solutions for a more unified community and district .... TON'S of tolerance to continue to be PartOfTheProblem, but only after 1-year, obviously NO Patience, Respect or Regard To and For the community to ContributeToSolutions.
If you keep doing what you've been doing, You'll keep getting what you got.
Thanks CCUSD, Thanks for once again turning your back on the out-cry for change.
Way to go.

sosthene Says:

Fri, Jun 30 2017 02:35 AM

My problem is i'looking a help because we are in the ware i'haven't the parents help me

Mike D. Says:

Mon, Jun 26 2017 06:16 PM

Thank you Dr. Arnold for your vision and spirit in our community. We thought the ideas that were finally flowing from district headquarters were exactly where we should be headed. You are already missed.

L. Shari Says:

Mon, Jun 26 2017 10:20 AM

We as a community can easily insult our board members or we can attend meetings to stay abreast of the issues involved. These decisions are never easy ones. I am a parent and educator here and agree with Dr. Arnold added positively to our school district. I also agree and support the school boards decision. These members of our community are respectable and deserve to be respected not insulted about these difficult decisions.

Shonda O'Neal Says:

Mon, Jun 26 2017 08:44 AM

Extremely proud of the school board. We are community of collaborative teachers and parents. For those of us who have not only invested our children but our careers in this district, I am most grateful and proud of our board.

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