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Culinary Culver City - Metro Café serves breakfast with downhome goodness Brett Callwood | Fri, Jan 05 2018 10:22 AM


Before walking into the sweet and welcoming Metro Café, an unassuming little street-side eatery on Washington Place, we didn’t realize that there was such a thing as a Culver omelet. The idea that our little city warranted its own combination of ingredients inside folded eggs hadn’t crossed our minds.

And yet there we were, on the curbside, enjoying the people-watching, and puzzling over the name of the bacon, cheddar, and caramelized onions omelet. Not that it matters one bit; the breakfast dish is delicious and easy to love, much like Culver City, regardless of the name.

The eggs were light and fluffy, and the perfect thickness and size to sandwich the filling. Inside, the bacon was cooked to crispy perfection, and it sat in a glorious pool of melted cheddar cheese, which was tangy and full of flavor. And those caramelized onions, which were darkened, complimented everything else beautifully.

It’s not a particularly ingenuous omelet concoction, but it worked and was cooked and served so nice that no other ingredients were necessary.

The omelet was served with some amazing home-fried potatoes – crispy and hearty, and perfect with a dash of hot sauce (if you like that sort of thing). Also on the side was a wedge of melon, which was juicy and refreshing, and broke up the heaviness of the main part of the meal nicely.

The whole thing was topped with a slice of toast (we took wheat), served with a choice of butter and jellies.

The location of the restaurant is really nice, which only adds to the experience. It’s a popular place, and quite small. As a result, the staff is always bustling and trying to clear tables for the next guest. This can come off as quite terse, but that’s clearly not the intention of the serving staff. When they do serve you at your table, they’re very helpful.


The breakfast menu is extensive and everything looks good. The prices are reasonable too and, with lunch and dinner menus available, we’ll certainly be returning.

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