Be your best you all year round

(NAPSI)—The next time New Year’s, your birthday or any other time when you tend to make resolutions rolls around, you won’t have to make—and break—unreasonable promises to yourself if you tap into y [..]

Council to discuss summer concert series

The popular Culver City Summer Concert Series will be on the City Council’s playlist on Feb. 8 at the council’s first meeting this month. Despite the political wrangling of past years over who would produce the concerts and how they sh [..]

Pan African Film - Art Fest now in 24th year

Film buffs interested in topics that rarely make it to Hollywood— such as slave revolts, life and event in pre–apartheid South Africa and the practice of “passing” for white by blacks with light complexions in the 20th century [..]

Stage Page: ‘Private Eyes’ takes “comedy of suspicion” a bit too far

Nothing is ever quite what it seems. Matthew’s wife, Lisa, is having an affair with Adrian, a British theatre director. Or perhaps the affair is part of the play being rehearsed. Or perhaps Matthew has imagined all of it simply to have somethin [..]

Why a little chocolate can be good for weight management

(NAPS)—Here’s something that is sure to be sweet music to the ears of every chocolate lover: A little dose of the world’s most popular food type and flavor can actually support an individual’s weight-loss goals. The reason [..]

Stage Page: ‘HAM: A Musical Memoir’ is a tribute to creating your dreams

As we walked into the Los Angeles LGBT Center in Hollywood to see the West Coast debut of “Ham: A Musical Memoir,” a life-affirming tale performed by Sam Harris with Todd Schroeder on piano, our hands were stamped with “Stonewall In [..]

‘My Sister’

During last year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, I heard many people raving about a play called “My Sister” by Janet Schlapkohl, a poignant tale about identical twin sisters living together in 1930s Berlin. But due to my schedule, I wa [..]

Treat your guests to a terrific trifle

(NAPS)—This elegant Swedish Ten-Minute Trifle makes a great dessert, especially for berry lovers. Sweden, home of the smorgasbord, a tempting spread of sweet and savory dishes, is a rich source of healthy, delicious, special occasion recipes fo [..]

Time-saving slow cooking

(NAPS)—On those busy days when you don’t have much time, a slow cooker can be the solution to getting a hot, wholesome meal on the table. Simply add all the ingredients in the morning, turn on the device, and you get to come home to a who [..]

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