Youth is wasted on the young

There is a bit of controversy as to who actually first came up with the saying “Youth is wasted on the young”-- George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde. Frankly I don’t care. However, it is one of my favorite quotes and absolutely true. [..]

Take a moment to be kind to yourself

“When we learn to be gentle with ourselves, this is truly taking care.” – Cat Li Stevenson One of the reoccurring themes in these articles is developing a loving relationship with yourself and those around you. I have found that [..]

Plane crash over Ukraine disrupts market calm

Last week’s plane crash reinforced the notion that the world can be at times a dangerous place. A plane crash is always tragic, given the large loss of lives, but to have a passenger plane shot down by a missile adds an extra degree of horror. [..]

Property should be spruced up when listed on the market

Dear Michael: My mom passed away and I am putting her house on the market. My Realtor wants me to get rid of most furniture and the obvious clutter that was accumulated over the years. Will getting rid of her belongings really help the sale? Answ [..]

Still not done growing up

Monday night, after the Culver City Council meeting, I arrived home and my cousin Ray was there, hav- ing a beer and hanging out with my roommate/best friend Robert and his girlfriend Vianca. It was a pleasant surprise and a great way to end a long d [..]

Cast delivers memorable performance

Nestled in the midst of a peaceful Japanese Garden the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles lays our scene, in the 1920’s complete with pageboy caps and flapper dresses. “Romeo and Juliet” is play that I love to hate. I love the poetry [..]

FHA loan approval not for all homes

Dear Michael: I am selling my home and received an offer from a buyer with an FHA 5% down payment. My house is in bad shape, it needs a new roof and other repairs. Will it be possible for the buyer to get a loan? Answer: For the property to be eli [..]

Little Tokyo’s Aratani prepares for three-day concert series, gets all Taiko’d up

Upon meeting Bryan Yamami, the managing director for the Los Angeles based “TAIKOPROJECT,” I suddenly felt spiritually lifted by the sound of the Taiko. I thought I had come to the wrong address, because on the corner of 1st and Central i [..]

Celebrating life brings us all together

"Conflict cannot survive without your participation." - Wayne Dyer   I turned 40 this past week and had a fantastic time stepping into a new decade of life.  I feel like I have a clean slate and have enjoyed celebrating with all the [..]

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