A Great Reminder: do it for the love

"I'm here everyday. Why?  Not because it's my job, but because I love it." - Eric Foster, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, CCMS   The quote at the top of this week's column has been my inspiration for the week. It was a state [..]

Please quit driving me crazy

I rarely become angry while driving, and almost never yell, gesture or honk at another driver, due to a simple fact--I fear some unstable nut-job might cut me off and beat the crap out of me. However, there are certain driving maneuvers that just [..]

Federal reserve keeps interest rates the same

Last week the Federal Reserve, commonly known as the Fed, did not change their interest rate policy. The Fed maintained interest rates at essentially 0, which has been the policy since December 2008.   What was different about this meeting [..]

When Your Mind Gets Lost, Follow Your Heart

“Listen to advice, but follow your heart.” - Conway Twitty   This week was a bit challenging for me. I started to feel overwhelmed by my job, by what I am being called to do in the lives of our students. My mind started to race [..]

Try living a day without lying

Let’s be honest here folks, we are all liars and hypocrites. It’s just a matter of degree and circumstance. I find it humorous and often laughable at the indignation displayed by someone when they are called a “liar.” Ever [..]

China’s economy has impact on interest rates

For those following world events the ongoing slowdown in the Chinese economy has been a subject of major interest. The recent volatility that we have experienced in our stock market has been attributable in large part to fears of China's potential i [..]

Expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” — Oscar Wilde   Nothing seemed to go the way I thought it would last week. I was excited to get started with all of my lunch groups, looking forward to seein [..]

Silent alarms can be hazardous to your health

Shortly after being discharged from the Army in March 1971, I landed a job at Montgomery Wards department store working in the paint department. A year later I quit Wards to become the night manager at Michael’s Liquor store on PCH, just north [..]

Weaker stock market has little impact on economy

While not everyone will have a particular interest in how the stock market is doing, most people are impacted by how the economy is performing. For that reason it is important to see, if there has been any discernible changes in the economy thus far. [..]

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