Putting my name on it

Coach Herm Edwards once passionately delivered the words “put your name on it” and that is exactly what I am doing today. Last week, on the front page, I misidentified Culver City Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Steven Rose in a pic [..]

Shining light on what we don’t know, helps us grow

  “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” - Ronald Reagan I was speaking with Jan Glusac, one of my favorite teachers, this week about what it takes to become a better educator.  Ms. Glusac remi [..]

The grass is always greener

One of my favorite old sayings is “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Basically, things appear rosier and finer from afar. This common delusion often results in negative human emotions including envy, resentment and regre [..]

Seller at fault for not fixing panel as agreed

Dear Michael: We closed escrow on our new home and the seller did not replace the electrical panel as agreed by our request for repair. When we approached him he said that it worked fine, this was after the fact that he agreed to replace it. How [..]

The best way to hold title for husband and wife

Dear Michael: What is the difference between holding title as “Community Property” and “Community Property with right of survivorship?" Answer: Spouses (and only spouses) may own real estate as community property. Community [..]

Inclusion means getting the most out of our students

“Dreaming ties all mankind together.” – Jack Kerouac   There are times in education when things seem very complicated.  Between legislation, standards, and such a diverse set of needs, it can all seem overwhelmin [..]

Looking at the guy in the glass

I'll begin with this thought-provoking poem penned in 1934 by Peter Dale Wimbrow, Sr. This poignant work is also often referred to as “The Man in the Glass.” When you get what you want in your struggle for self, And the world m [..]

US Army Lifeguard--Vietnam, 1969 (Part Three)

This was unbelievable! He had transformed from Lieutenant Wicker, annoying lifer, into a Little Leaguer shaking hands with Mickey Mantle. He wanted to be my best friend and I hadn’t spoken one word in two minutes. My mind raced, searching f [..]

US Army Lifeguard--Vietnam, 1969 (Part Two)

US Army Lifeguard--Vietnam, 1969 (Part Two) “Catch you deadbeats later—gotta go.” I began with a brisk walk that turned into a slow jog back to the company. I wanted to go see Lieutenant Wicker immediately, before he could [..]

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