The Long View: Banal car tunes are a ‘tune off’

One of the novelties about owning a new (to me) car is a working radio. For more than four years, I motored about in my old set of wheels without a functioning sound system.  In general, this was barely an inconvenience, though there were tim [..]

A realist baby boomer vs gadgets

The dictionary defines realist as: 1. a person who tends to view or represent things as they really are. 2. an artist or a writer whose work is characterized by realism. Now you may disagree, however I consider myself a realist. Not a pure realist, b [..]

Get real about real estate: Tenant should be out of property before final walk-through

Dear Michael: I am closing escrow in two weeks and the tenants who are occupying the property are moving out on the day we close escrow. I am worried that they may not move out on time. What can I do to guaranty they move out? Answer: Your best be [..]

Dollars and Sense: Importance of economic growth

Economic growth is something that people generally don't think too much about. However, economic growth ultimately determines our standard of living, which on that basis is quite important. There are many pieces of economic data that are publishe [..]

Esoteric Astrology as news for week March 8 – 14

Venus Retrograde   Venus is retrograde in Aries. Retrogrades are times of re-evaluation and review. Venus represents our possessions, values, relationships (lovers, partners, intimate friends). Aries is all things new. When planets retrogr [..]

Get Real about Real Estate: Taking time to calculate equity appreciation

Dear Michael: Five year ago, I put my house on the market and could not sell it. I am thinking of re-listing it. Is this the right time to sell? I am hearing from some people that it is slowing down again.   Answer: Timing a market to achi [..]

Get real about real estate: TRID replaces the old HUD

Dear Michael: I live in a condominium and I want to install a satellite dish. Does the HOA have the right to deny me of a satellite dish, are there any restrictions that the HOA can impose?  Answer: The FCC (federal communication commission) [..]

Dollars and Sense: Investing when there are no bargains

There are some similarities about purchasing goods and investing. In both instances there is a specific price for what is being bought. In addition what is being purchased can change in price over time. The main difference between investing and co [..]

Letting Off Steam: One bank job worth retelling, regaling

A few years ago, I learned about an unbelievable event concerning one of my old high school friends, who I will call Bill for the purpose of this story. Before I share that twisted tale, I must present a little history on our relationship. Although B [..]

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