Dirty Dozen and the Terrible Two’s

Don’t look now but it’s an election year… so, run for the hills. Get out the snow shovels and air freshener because the crap is starting to pile up quickly. The Dirty Dozen (at the time of this writing I think there are still about [..]

THE LONG VIEW--Iowa: like him or not, Cruz trumps fellow Republicans

The first substantive shots of presidential skirmish 2016 have been fired. The Iowa caucuses are comparatively meaningful; up till now, the American public has had to subsist exclusively on oversized portions of rhetorical fluff, especially from the [..]

Esoteric Astrology as news for week Feb. 10-17

Wednesday (Feb. 10) is Ash Wednesday when Lent begins. Friday (Feb. 12) is Lincoln's 2007th birthday. Sunday is Valentines Day. On Ash Wednesday, foreheads marked with a cross of ashes, we hear the words, “From dust thou art and unto dust thou [..]

A change in interest rate outlook for 2016

Interest rates are something that affects most people. Unless you are a person who has no loans or investments, a change in interest rates will have some impact on your finances. People who are savers are acutely aware that interest rates have bee [..]

Thinking About Others Can Help Alleviate Stress

“For beautiful eyes; look for the beauty in others...” - Audrey Hepburn     When the feeling of stress builds, it is easy to lose patience with ourselves and others. It is at these times that we have a tendency to blame [..]

Get Real about Real Estate: Learning the drawbacks of buying a condo

Dear Michael: My mom passed away a few years ago and we now have her house on the market. It's never been updated but it's in fairly good condition. It's been on the market for 120 days at $775,000. My sister suggested we lower the price by $100,0 [..]

The Long View: Fighting government over ‘ill-conceived’ beliefs hazardous

Recent news reports detail the unhappy case of four Tennessee teenagers who drank what they called “dewshine,” a mix of racing fuel and Mountain Dew. Two of them died from drinking this mixture, and the other two became quite ill. Acco [..]

Salute to a lifetime of southpaw discrimination

"Hi, my name is Pete and I'm left-handed. "Hi, Pete.” I don't believe anyone has formed a LAA (Lefties Anonymous Association) organization; however, someone should start one real soon. Since a southpaw’s IQ is generally 20 to 3 [..]

Corporate profits continue to be lackluster

One thing that sometimes gets overlooked in the day-to-day gyrations of the stock market is how well are corporations doing. Every three months companies formally report their results, though retailers and auto companies also give monthly sales figur [..]

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