Letting Off Steam: Now for a commercial break

I've always enjoyed amusing, witty commercials with slogans or tunes that stuck in your head and that you remembered years later. Okay, let's take a little test to see how many you recall. If you do well at this quiz you are probably a boob-tube ad [..]

Make yourself at home

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."- Matsuo Basho   It is important to feel at home in your world. Wherever you work, shop, or visit, it is possible to bring your joy with you. The best part about feeling at home is [..]

Dollars and Sense: Impact of rising interest rates

In the aftermath of the election several trends have been emerging, and higher interest rates are one of them. Since the election, the 10-year treasury has risen approximately one half of one percent, as of Nov. 18. The significance of the treasur [..]

Get real about real estate: Escrow impound account for insurance and property taxes

Dear Michael:  My lender is requiring me to have my property taxes in an impound account. What is an impound account and would I benefit from it? Answer: An impound account is an account maintained by the mortgage company to collect property [..]

Realist baby boomer vs. gadgets

The dictionary defines realist as: 1. a person who tends to view or represent things as they really are, 2. an artist or a writer whose work is characterized by realism. Now you may disagree, however I consider myself a realist. Not a pure realist, b [..]

Letting Off Steam: Regaling tales of Vietnam, 1969

As I have mentioned numerous times in my articles, I spent 22 months in Vietnam from 1969 to 1971. However, I was extremely fortunate in my duty assignments and never spent time in combat or experienced the horrors of war. For my first six months I l [..]

Dollars and Sense: Financial impact of a Trump Presidency

The unexpected happened, as Donald Trump was elected president. Whenever something unexpected happens, there will be an impact on financial markets. Generally speaking unexpected events are a negative for the stock market. That is because surprise [..]

Tapping int Genius: Don’t be so quick to judge yourself

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” - Kurt Cobain   Sometimes the very thing that seems to be a problem is also the solution. With children, for example, the student whose behavior is getting everyone [..]

Looking Back: Petrelli’s Airport Café – ‘the American Dream’

Italian-born Joe Petrelli worked in the Property Department at M.G.M. Studios. He opened his first restaurant in 1931 as Joe Petrelli’s Airport Café.  The reference to the airport was Pete Leaman’s Culver City Airport, which w [..]

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