Tapping into Genius: Learn to accept gifts when they come

"Until we receive with an open heart, we're never really giving with an open heart." - Brené Brown

Tapping into Genius: Your next adventure awaits

“Never go back to anything! Go forward to the new adventures that each day holds for you.” - Eric Butterworth

Tapping Into Genius: Start by taking care of yourself

"What do you think you can accomplish by being tense or anxious, or even by strenuous personal effort?" - Myrtle Fillmore

Tapping into Genius: Feeling overwhelmed? Take a walk

"I'm convinced of this: Good done anywhere is good done everywhere." - Maya Angelou

Tapping Into Genius: Start by appreciating what you have

"To attract good fortune, spend a new coin on an old friend." - Chinese Proverb

Tapping Into Genius: When you feel stuck, take a fresh look

"Education is what remains when one has forgotten what one has learned in school." - Albert Einstein

Historical Society marks city’s history

When the Culver City Historical Society was formed in 1980, under founding president Cathy Zermeno, there was no historic preservation ordinance or program. The Society began marking Historic Sites, which must be least 50 years old and hold historic significance.

Tapping into Genius: Stay open to new ideas

There are times when our normal routines do not feel right. They turn stale and lifeless. It is then that we must open our minds and become receptive to new ideas and inspiration. When we do, exciting adventures await.

Letting Off Steam - If you do these jobs you have my sympathy

While drinking beer with a couple of buddies last Sunday, our trivial conversation drifted from subject–to-subject. As usual, 90 percent of the banter involved meaningless, puerile, irrelevant matters. However, one out-of-the-ordinary topic turned into a raging debate with each of us attempting to convince the others of his choices. The question posed was straight forward: What are the top three or four absolute worst jobs that you would never want to do? Since I had given this some thought over the course of my life, I spoke up first. In a nut-shell here are the consensus results, in no order, of our pointless discussion.

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