NASA-Navy Days, Orion Test are all about safety, intelligence and precision

If you’ve never been to San Pedro, California it’s understandable; however if, you’ve never been to San Pedro’s NASA Port of Los Angeles, now that’s another story. Still half-asleep, the breeze streamed over my face arou [..]

It’s not easy dealing with depr ession

With the recent news of actor/comedian Robin Williams taking his life, like many others, I too was saddened by the tragic ending of this celebrity’s life. The death of Mr. Williams via suicide took me back to March 2012 when a close friend went [..]

Are the Sparks ready for the playoffs?

The Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA are playing the best bas- ketball of the season after winning their third game in a row last Tues- day with a 71-63 victory against Minnesota on the road. That victory was probably the most important win of the seas [..]

The importance of using a knowledgeable realtor

Dear Michael: We purchased our home two years ago in a Culver City zip code. At the time we were told by our real estate agent that our kids would automatically qualify for Culver City schools. We later found out that we must apply for a special perm [..]

What makes your heart sing?

“Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.” – Pharrell Williams, Happy I was speaking with a dear friend recently and she asked me a great question. We were discussing my recent trip to New York, during which I recorded th [..]

Fiesta celebrates early heritage of City

In 1951, Fiesta La Ballona emerged as a partnership between the City of Culver City and its Chamber of Commerce. It was designed as a weeklong celebration of Culver City’s early heritage. Culver City was carved from two ranchos, La Ballona and [..]

Press No. 1 if you would like to scream

There’s a line from one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs that goes, “I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.” Well, I woke up last Sunday morning feeling fantastic, until turning on my laptop. Af [..]

Establishing cash reserves

An area of financial planning that is sometimes neglected is the managing of cash.  Most people in general realize that it is important to keep some money in reserve for unexpected expenses.  Unfortunately, many individuals have too lit [..]

At this point it's more than just a softball game

It has been almost four months since our Friday-night softball team got together and took the field for the first time. It was an exciting start of the season for our 20-plus-person roster but the jitters settled in and we actually made our debut [..]

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