Translating meaningless sports clichés

I recognize that I have a lot of pet peeves. However, here’s one I’ve never mentioned before. My eyes sometimes glaze over listening to many TV sports announcers chirp off one cliché after another during a broadcast. To me it&rsquo [..]

Beware of home rental scams on the Internet

Dear Michael: I’m looking for a house to rent and found one on craigslist. The owner is trying to convince me this is not a scam. He is not in the US. How can I make sure that this is not fraud? Answer:  This is a common scam found on c [..]

Subprime lending is increasing again

One event that is occurring is the greater availability of credit for borrowers with weaker credit histories.  After the severe recession in 2008/2009 credit standards were tightened across all loan categories. This has been changing, as credit [..]

Looking back on our movie heritage

Since this was Oscar week, it seems fitting to offer a little movie-related quiz! See how many of the following you can answer (without looking at the answers). One: Who is credited as the one person who established Culver City’s first two m [..]

“7 Redneck Cheerleaders” celebrates 10-year revival with team spirit

Elephant Theatre Company is presenting the 10-year revival of their Cult Hit “7 Redneck Cheerleaders” by Louis Jacobs, directed by David Fofi at the Lillian Theatre (1036 N. Lillian Way in Hollywood) on Thursday, Friday&nbs [..]

Time for a real food challenge

For all of us of the Catholic faith lent is upon us once again. This year I decided to really challenge myself in terms of making a sacrifice during this 40-day period. Instead of the usual giving up red meat, or not watching television, I decide [..]

It’s a conspiracy…

I recognize this can be a touchy subject and understand I will be stepping on some toes here. However, generally speaking I simply don’t buy into most of the prevalent conspiracy theories that have been floating around for years. The more c [..]

We can all relate to emotional honesty

“Truth is such a rare thing, it is delighted to tell it.” - Emily Dickinson I was heading in to the middle school to start a lunch group when my colleague, Jeff Mendoza, stopped me to let me know how much he enjoyed one of my artic [..]

Understanding growth versus value investing

Two frequently used terms when purchasing stocks are growth and value. In a sense you would want to own stocks that possess both characteristics, in that they would have strong growth potential, but are also reasonably priced. Oftentimes though, [..]

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