Can we have an elephant at my birthday mommy?

Since when did it become mandatory when throwing a kid’s birthday party to provide a bounce house, rock climbing wall, trackless train, live pony, magician, face-painter or costumed superhero and a professional photographer to capture the extra [..]

Seller can withdraw from sale if counter offer has not been accepted

Dear Michael: I am interested in buying a home. Should I allow the listing real estate agent to represent me as well? Answer: What you are talking about is called agency. There are three types of agency relationships: buyer agency, seller agency a [..]

Nasdaq hits record high

Last week the the Nasdaq index reached an all time high. The previous high was set in March of 2000 during a period of euphoria among tech stocks. This was the last major stock index to reach an all time high. The three common indexes, cited by ne [..]

“The Power of Duff” proves hen in doubt, one can influence others

What does it take to become a charismatic spiritual leader, one who has people questioning and empowering their own faith?  Is it possible in our media soaked society to grab the attention of millions of people simply by speaking your mind and s [..]

A homerun for 3-Dog

A few weeks ago I discovered a binder containing many of my college creative writing class assignments. One in particular caught my attention, bringing back fond memories from those days in the mid ‘70s. I recalled this particular project requi [..]

Encumbrances are ties to the property, not the owner

Dear Michael: If I become the owner of a home property by a quick deed, am I responsible for any delinquent taxes? Answer: That would most likely depend on where the property is located but the most common answer to that question is “yes.&rd [..]

Understanding negative yields

When people deposit money at a bank or purchase a bond there is normally an expectation that you would get your principal back plus some interest.  What is occurring in Europe now is that in some countries it will actually cost you money to inve [..]

We can learn appreciation from our pets

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France   My cat, Ducky, has a knack for sitting in my lap at just the right moments.  Those times when I am tempted by worry, and he appears out of [..]

Doing your taxes isn’t always a horrible experience

The much-dreaded April 15 tax deadline is here and I’m sure millions of Americans have waited until the last possible moment to file their earnings. While this was a better tax season for me than past years, I still have to pay money back (not [..]

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