Best offense against the best defense isn’t enough

From The Editor, Cristian Vasquez

With Super Bowl weekend around the corner, all the hype and hoopla behind the big event has not trapped me in its frenzy. It’s sad to admit but I have absolutely no interest in supporting either team. Even more astonishing is that there is no reason for me to want to see either team lose. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Philadelphia Eagles’ fan so that means I tend to have exciting regular seasons but not much to root for in the postseason. Hence, for the Super Bowl I need a reason to support one of the teams in the big game or an excuse to root against the other team.

For instance, when the Colts played the Bears in Miami back in 2007, given that I didn’t care for either team I was rooting for Peyton Manning so that he could get that first ring. When the Seahawks lost to the Steelers in 2006, I was rooting for the Steelers so that Jerome Bettis could get his ring. However, today as both the Seahawks and the Broncos prepare to put their names in the record books, I sit here not caring who wins.

I have also been known to root for one team because of an irrational dislike for the opposing team. For instance, any time the Dallas Cowboys played a Super Bowl I have wanted nothing more than to see them fall on their faces. When the New Orleans Saints beat the Colts in Miami, I hated football for an entire year (yes, I dislike the Saints that much). Still, this year there is none of this misplaced energy that we sports fans tend to produce. If that wasn’t bad enough, Bruno Mars is going to perform at halftime and not even the Red Hot Chili Peppers can save that boat from sinking.

The Broncos are a great team as are the Seahawks but there is no desire to see any of the two teams succeed on the biggest stage they will ever set foot on. Yes, watching the best offense in the league face off against the best defense in the league is a great treat, but I don’t care. Given the options, I just hope that wherever it is that I watch the game, they provide us with good food and enough adult beverages for me to have fun.


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